Most people mistaken this concept ; Bromance refers to the relationship between two or more people of the male sex that share a love bond very similar to siblings or brothers. Having a bromance with someone means you are practically best friends who share, support and also be there for each other in times of need. Well Im not wikipedea so I will not waste time on definitions .Having a bromance is good and I will love to lay down a few reasons why.
   First of all, making friends as a male human being entails a lot. Due to the fact that we (males) love adventure and trying new things. It is very important to choose your friends very carefully. Choosing the wrong friends may end you in some serious trouble if care is not taken. I know people who have turned into drug  addicts, alcoholics, criminals or even ended up in jail because they choose the wrong friends. well its not their fault, and like I said earlier, men are naturally adventurous and will most likely than not try anything new their friends do.
Now let me lay down some benefits of having a bromance.

                             THEY ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK
Most men will testify to the fact that having a friend is the best thing when you are in trouble. This is a fact, men always feel the urge to help out or protect the image of their friends at all times. In the negative setting, and unlike women, some men or most even help their friends cheat on their girlfriends,they will always do anything to cover your tracks even if it involves lying. therefore having a bromance with someone of a clear conscience and a positive mindset is the best thing you could ever do to your life, especially as a student. Imagine, falling sick and stuck in bed when you are to submit a class project by the end of the week. A bro will be the most restless soul due to the fact that you are so weak and can't help yourself. At the long run a bro will most likely end up doing your project on your behalf. Also they will usually do this at the latter hours of submission due to the fact that they had to battle with their conscience whether to do it or not.

                              YOU ARE SATISFIED AFFECTIONATELY
There is one thing I have realized growing up. From my high school to college. I noticed that most guys that go into dating just needed someone they could relate with, so they mistakenly date girls thinking they will be satisfied affectionately. That is how come most boys want their girlfriends to watch football and play the games they enjoy. The fact i want to relay to my young guys is that you lack bromance not a girlfriend. Having a bro or friend who understands your every move is the real deal. You guys do most things together and even complete each others sentences and when you have one thing in common with a bro, be it the love for studying or sports or even having a dress sense and looking good ,you become unstoppable in that field. A typical example of a bromance is the so called 'KUPE BOYS'.

                           THEY PUSH YOU TO SUCCEED
As sweet as it can be to have a bromance, so it can also be bitter if you are slow. Boys have their own way of showing love, if you are in a bromance that adores dressing and looking good, having a bad dress sense will make you the most miserable person among the crew. The tease alone will change you if you survive . The crew that love to study also pushes you and forces the laziness out of you.
They point out your wrong doings in a bromance and are not afraid to tell it to your face when you go wrong. Thats what makes a bromance adorable , the fact that no one is above the other.

Guys in a bromance are usually single yet very catchy. The opposite sex adores such guys due to the fact that they are almost perfect in most things they do and this is only because they help each other and no one is lacking behind.
Therefore if you are looking to succeed in a particular field be it fashion, books or sports , then your best bet is to find yourself in a well grounded bromance that sees your vision and are willing to give a helping hand. But of course you can succeed on your own but you will not be near perfect.


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