I am on a mission to bring this information to the attention of the world, so that all races and creeds might know the truth and free themselves from those prejudices which have corrupted human relations; and that the people of African origin might be emancipated from their serfdom of inferiority complex; and enter a new era of freedom, in which they would feel like free men and women, with full human rights and privileges. The term Greek philosophy is a misnomer, for there is no such philosophy in existence. The Ancient Egyptians had developed a complex religious system, called the MYSTERIES, which was also the first system of salvation. This was the notion of the SUMMUM BONUM or greatest good, to which all men must aspire, and it became the basis of all ethical concepts. Not the Bible, as are we are made to believe.  From 6th Century B.C Greeks made the best of their chances to learn all they could about Egyptian culture; Alexander, the so called the Great, plundered and pillaged the Royal temples and libraries. Aristotle's school converted the library at Alexandria into a research centre. The Egyptian Mystery system contained ten virtues, and from this source Plato copied what have been called the four cardinal virtues, justice, wisdom, temperance and courage. It is indeed surprising how, for centuries, the Greeks have been praised by the Western World for intellectual accomplishments which belong without doubt to the Egyptians or to the peoples of Africa. Finally, by  calling the theorem of the Square on the Hypotenuse, the Pythagorean theorem, it has concealed the truth for centuries from the world, who ought to know that the Egyptians taught Pythagoras and the Greeks, what mathematics they knew. #TheStolenLegacy #GJames #TKwari #RomanizedJesusAndChristianity


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