The whole month of October is now undoubtedly the month of breast cancer awareness. Oasis Ghana seeks to do our part in creating awareness on breast cancer by educating the public with some research findings so as to enlighten the public on this concept, "breast cancer " and how to avoid it.
In this little research finding,  we found so much about breast cancer that most people may not have heard of.

First of all the major cause of breast cancer is radiation. Exposure to any kind of radiation for a long time can cause breast cancer. So our ladies should be very careful around radioactive objects or machines and also during very hot afternoons since the earth's ozone layer isn't as protective as before and let's in more of the sun's radiation.

It has also been discovered that hormonal treatments and prolonged exposure to oestrogen can also lead to breast cancer. Ladies should be very careful when buying contraceptives,  those that contain oestrogen can be used but not regularly and for long periods. Use oestrogen free contraceptives more.

Ladies who may contract cervical cancer or cancer of the uterus may also get breast cancer if treatment is not started sooner . Our ladies are advised to get treatment quickly on any changes that may suddenly occur in theirs bodies.

Late menopause in ladies have also been discovered to be very likely to result in breast cancer. Therefore ladies who are over 45 years and are stilling experiencing their periods are advised to go for regular checkup and treatments.

Also breast cancer can be out of our hands and sometimes ladies can get this disease from inheritance. Therefore ladies are advised to find out about their family histories and educate themselves very well to avoid been caught off guard by breast cancer.

Experiencing pain in the armpits, be it severe or minor but not linked to your menstrual cycle as a lady could be a sign of breast cancer so please get it checked professionally, it's always the earlier the better.

Studies also showed that inverted nipples may be a sign of breast cancer and it isn't always the case but getting the check Up professionally and finding out it isn't is the best way of relieving yourself rather than telling your self you are fine.

It is also therefore advised that every female above 16 years should examine their breast after every menstrual cycle and visit the hospital and get a professional check up every 3 years to be on the safer side.

During the research on breast cancer we came across some questions people usually ask and their answers so there you go :
>only those contraceptives that contain oestrogen and only if they are used for the prolonged period.
>not at all,  she would have to complete the lactation period to be able to detect cancer in the breast.
>sucking the breast does not prevent the disease yet allowing your man to play with your breast will give you the chance of finding the lump in the breast if there is any at the time. So let him examine it while he is having his fun.  : ) .

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