Have you wondered why you switch on lights before entering a dark room perhaps is it because you are scared or you really need light for visibility; what is it that so overwhelms our emotions causing us to fear. Fear defined by someone is False Evidence Appearing Real I believe this true because literally all we ever seem to be scared is nothing but a fib
Fear occurs in the mind. Usually the things we hear and see forms our conceptions about life. Stories we hear that put fear in us are the bad things we think have the probability of occurring in our life. Fear comes to play when we nurture the possibility of losing something. Loss of anything of all sorts is likely to cause pain and as humans that is enough reason to arouse panic. We are scared of robbers because we perceive the thought of losing valuables. Myths about the dead (ghosts) their ability to kill and torment the lives of those who treated them badly makes people fear the dead.
But hey you are only really afraid when you believe Faith and fear have one thing in common; Belief; such that the extent to which you believe is the measure of your fear. An ancient German proverb says ‘fear makes the wolf bigger than it is. Wondered why as a child it always it seem impossible to enter a room after hearing so called scary stories especially on nights when there is no power supply. What you heard has stirred up your senses to expect danger thus igniting your fear. Growing in our societies we were told one myth after the other to keep us from certain behaviors I have confidence those fallacies are what have kept us alive and from moral decay
In spite of this there is still nothing to be scared about; even in the midst of glaring danger your ability to act indifferent paves a way to think clearly to find a solution. Don’t get me wrong danger is real but fear is an illusion. The Nigerians have a proverb which says ‘the lion’s power lies in your fear of him. The situations and things we allow ourselves to be scared of are no big deals. The more frightened we are the more power we give that situation to eliminate our peace. Imagine being scared of thunder probably because when a child were your folks associated them with a curse presumably leading to the death of another. Yet the reality is that thunder and lightning are natural occurrences
 Most of us allow ourselves to be intimidated too easily by many fears often forgetting that everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of FEAR and being brave is not in the absence of fear but in having that fear and finding a way through it.
 Its high time we brushed aside whatever we thought we feared cost sincerely there is no need for it. Take a little step out of your comfort zone and do something you have always wanted to do. You have passed the stage of wondering if it will come out perfect because the world still awaits the manifestations of the sons of the most high. Its either you Face Everything and Rise or Forget Everything and Run. Your time starts now……

Author Ghloriah Addo

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