In recent times a particular image has been tagged as African. This is as a result of numerous movies and campaigns for us to wear African textiles. Unfortunately the African Identity is being lost to what I call a fashion trend. You are now eligible for questioning and critism for wearing anything aside wax print.
We are not identified as Africans by what we wear. Being African goes far beyond that, the irony about the wearing of wax print is that, those prints are imported and is a major component of balance of payment deficit in a most African countries.
The African Identity is one that is built on strong cultural beliefs and activities.
Africa is not some jungle where you can go on a safari, its neither a war zone as portrayed in many movies.

It is estimated that about 1500- 2000 languages are spoken in Africa. How many do you know of? Some African children can't even speak one local dialect yet they are thought at least two international languages in their schools.
The history of Africa is unknown to most African youth yet they know everything about that of other continents. We are often admonished to change the negative narrative about Africa but how are we to do that when we don't even know what Africa is? All we know is the negative image that has been ascribed to us.
It's time for Africa to show the world it's identity. We must end the culture of accepting any image that is ascribed to Africa. The African story must be told by Africans and our culture well portrayed not just parts the western world wants to see or parts they find attractive.

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