How much of what you post online do you mean? A lot of people post lots of stuff online that they don't believe in and can't even tell you the meaning. They post because they like it or just because it is trending. It amazes me when these same people turn around and say " people ain't real no more".
Yeah no one is "real" anymore because we no longer value our Word. The statement  "I give you my word" means nothing now. We have cleverly coined the term "white lie" to justify our dishonesty.
"My word is my bond" is not just some ancient phrase but it is still applicable in our era since our judicial system makes provision for oral agreements. This I believe goes a long way to prove that one is accountable for what they say.
"I'm not going through everything I post online, It could be that I just like the quote, stop taking everything so personal."
I for one think the above statement is a shame, however, I've come across it on various social media platforms. A lot of people cry out for help on social media daily but receive none because over 80% of social media users are not "real". 25- 30% out of the 1 million suicide cases that occur around the world can be prevented because the perpetrators post their intent on social media. The situation is almost the same when it comes to terrorism. Just imagine the number of lives that can be saved if we all mean what we post.
This phenomenon reminds me of a children's story in which a young shepherd kept shouting wolf to prank the towns folk and the day that a wolf actually attacked no one came to his rescue. What most people don't realise is that a joke or "its just a new trend" is actually costing someone his life.
Your word is the most valuable asset at your disposal, don't throw it away over some trend. If you can't be held accountable for what you say and post online then what can you be trusted with?

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