I have a feeling that I can't comprehend
In my deepest thoughts you're more than a friend and an enemy as well
The first day I tried you,
You became my new best friend,
My lover and my soul mate
You took my hand, faded my pain,
There was a smile for once
It felt good to be around you,
The dose you gave me was all I wanted
So I let you in, let you stay
because without you
the joy I fell in life just disappears
I thought I would cop without you
But you wouldn't let me leave
You started to make me cry,
caused me pain that I  never felt before
I pushed you away, but you just kept pulling me back in
You weren't my friend, lover or soul mate
You're the enemy
The time has come to say goodbye
Don't be sad, and please don't cry
The time we shared were full of fun
When I needed someone you were the one
Hand in hand you always were there
Easing my pain I really thought you cared
The madness stops here, please understand
My journey ahead is bound to be long
God help me do this please make me strong
I have to do this, here's my reason
If our love affair continues, I'm going to die
 my deepest thoughts you are more than a friend which could be an enemy as well
I remember the day we first met
It was the day I first cried
Too young to see the beauty
But I felt the dangers
I didn't know the devil you were
That you'd fill me with so much happiness and sadness
At first you gave me comfort
And later numbered me with pain
But the light you gave me faded and darkness filed my veins
I am not the only one to fall, so many friends have forever gone, now no one is left to call
Everyday I wake with only you on my mind
Desperate for your love, while you shadow me with your crisis
Am more desperate for you to die
But for now;
I will deal with the pain
I will swallow the pride
I will handle this undefined world of confusion
Am prepared for this difficult ride

Author: Prince Quality

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