When you hear the concept, "godly man" what comes to your mind ? Most people will say, a man who is devouted to God or his deity. I seem to have a different view on this concept and I think i should share .
    First of all, a god is a superhuman being that has the ability to make and unmake in any situation. So when i think of the godly man , i realise a man with the characteristics of a god.


I have never heard of a religion where the deity or god takes breaks. A god is always available and never abscent. Therefore the godly man is always healthy. It is not in our ability to keep good health all the time but the effort to keep good health pays of. The godly man achieves this by exercising constantly and watching his consumption. There are men out there who drink alcohol as if their intestines is a blocked sewer and they need that amount of acid to melt the waste so that liquid can flow. Such men are on the brink of death. There are some who cant walk a few kilometres without complaining of pain in their knee. The next moment he has waist pains then suddenly his head aches. Such men are ungodly and cannot be relied on for anything. Stay healthy and visit the hospital once in a while for check ups. Always be conscious of what you consume at all times. Your body is said to be the temple of your maker. Dont defile this temple with poison. I dont mean betrachotoxin or any kind of those big names. I actually mean sweets, junk food that is not put in proper use. If you want to eat junk food make sure all that extra fat and greese leaves your body after consumption by exercising regularly. Stay fit at all times and be reliable like a god.

There are some people who believe that poverty is noble. I laugh at people who say such things. The famous Nelson Mandela once said , "poverty is not an accident , like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings".  Mahatma Gundhi also refered to poverty as the worse form of violence. The godly man finds every means to make an honest living. I am not saying that you should by all means make as much money as Bill Gates has or even our very own President Nana Akuffo Addo but at least make an honest living and be independent enough to provide for your family.


These days men look up to other men to provide protection from the unseen. Gone are the days, where men had spiritual strength of their own to protect their families. My mother used to tell me stories about when she was young, she told me that when ever u fell ill as a little child and your father was not at home , your mum treats you or takes you to the hospital and before she goes to bed that night , she will make sure to cover you with your father's cloth and by morning the next day you will certainly be well. This shows how spiritually strong the man of the house is even in his abscence, he still protects .Well i am not saying you should go in for "juju" or any form of evil magic. But that religion you are holding onto should be your stronghold. Grow in it and become spiritually sound as a man for the sake of your family. Today, women are being raped everyday because they went out to seek spiritual protection from other men outside when their own husbands are just about.


I dont know any religion or theory yet that goes against giving . And trust me, i have read so many books and listened to so many views about giving. Some believe it is the building blocks for our eternal home in heaven . Others also believes it multiplies and return back to us when we give.  Others also say it purifies our soul and pays our sins' debt. So the godly man gives to the less fortunate. Like the Almighty gives abundantly without asking for much in return, the godly man is ready to give and ready to help out. He lends a helping hand anytime he can. When his ideas, strength or money can help out in any situation he does so deligently. That is the making of a god.


I know most of you where expecting this one . And yes it is very true . As the saying goes, "cleanliness is next to godliness" This is quite difficult for some men to achieve , especially in their rooms. But it is one thing that makes you stand out and also provide , good health , sound mind and favor. Anytime bad things starts happening in life or when there are hard times, clean your room or where you sleep , and i mean every nook and cranny of it, have a clean shave and see your life have a turn for the better. It works .


Last but the least , the godly man listens to people a lot and speaks only when necessary. It is necessary to have a hearty conversation with friends, it builds strong chemistry. But be mindful of what you say. "a good conversation hapens over a glass of beer but the sensible man holds his full cup" . 
Skillful men can make a good conversation full of laughter , interest and excitement without actually saying much in the conversation . Its a skill , learn it . You will find out that you learn more when you talk less and learn little when you talk more .



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